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Dr. Gregory Lew

In March of 2010, Dr. Lew’s life would forever be changed. While driving to school he got into a severe car accident. The first few days, things still seemed normal. However, on the third day, he woke up and realized he couldn’t stand up straight.

He was hunched over and worried because he hadn’t experienced this before and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to play basketball anymore. He thought, “maybe this will go away if I stretch.” It was not working. Still not able to stand up straight and in constant pain, Dr. Lew finally saw a chiropractor and by the end of the first session... he had his life back!

During his time at Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Lew finally understood that regular chiropractic care does much more than just provide pain relief. He knows his purpose is to give back and help change people’s lives in a positive, healthy way and joined our team in 2022.

As a Bay Area native, during his free time, Dr. Lew loves watching all the local sports teams... the Warriors, 49ers and Giants... and spending time with friends and family.

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