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Martin Family Chiropractic Centers provides a relaxing atmosphere at our chiropractic office in Pleasant Hill for all patients to release the tension affecting their lives. Our office staff is friendly and professional, and we are all here to help our patients receive the chiropractic care they need to get through life pain-free. We take the time to learn the health concerns of all our patients, and we are genuinely concerned about their wellbeing. This is why we create individualized treatment plans for all patients, so we can better address their pain with chiropractic care and other non-invasive therapies. At Martin Family Chiropractic Centers in Pleasant Hill, we take the time to encourage all patients to make certain lifestyle changes that can help improve vitality and reduce pain. Our team of chiropractors at Martin Family Chiropractic Centers are waiting to welcome you to our Pleasant Hill office, and we are eager to help make your chiropractic visit an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Why Choose Us For Your Recovery


We Are Highly Experienced

Martin Family Chiropractic Centers, has helped thousands of people in Pleasant Hill and the surrounding areas find pain relief and recover from their injuries.


We Customize Your Care

Receive a full examination and diagnosis of your injury followed by a customized treatment plan of chiropractic care and other therapies we provide.


Flexibile Payment Plans

We offer a few different payment plan options to help fit your needs and get you the started on your treatment plan worry-free. Contact us to learn more.

Suffering From These Symptoms?

Chiropractic care can relieve most symptoms and conditions. See the symptoms below for more information.

Why Choose
Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has the following benefits:

  • Alleviates aches and pain caused by your injury
  • Reduces inflammation surrounding your injury
  • Reduces any stiffness you may be experiencing
  • Alleviates whiplash effects
  • Alleviates headaches caused by your injury
  • Reduces soft tissue damage
  • Speeds up recovery

Meet Our Doctors

Meet our team of chiropractors that are ready to help you heal and improve your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions


Consultations are always free. Our doctors will be able to tell you what the fees will be once we understand what your needs are and what treatment your condition will require. We promise, you will not incur any charges without knowing what they are in advance. We accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, and have financing available as well.

X-rays often provide us valuable information about whether or not Chiropractic is the best option to treat your condition. Our doctors will only recommend x-rays if they are absolutely necessary.

Our patients utilize many different types of insurance and our services do qualify for HSA/FSA use. When you visit our office, we will verify your insurance and we will send health care receipts on your behalf for your direct reimbursement.

We understand you want to get relief as soon as possible. Sometimes, relief care starts the same day, and other times, tests or x-rays may be required first.

Online Reviews

We know how good our chiropractic care is, but we would prefer if you heard it from our patients.

Justin's 5 star Google review for Martin Family Chiropractic Centers

Professional, knowledgeable, and competent are all traits you would want and expect from a good doctor. Dr. Stephanie Martin has these qualities but the reason for the 5 stars is that in addition she has been compassionate, understanding, empathetic, and honest. There is a genuine care and concern that starts from the minute you walk through the front door and receive a warm greeting from Bethany throughout the adjustments and the treatment. All of the staff have exceeded my expectations. My only regret is that I didn’t seek treatment sooner. Don’t make the same mistake I did... Sincere thanks to all of the staff at Martin Family Chiropractic. I haven’t felt this good in years!

Justin M.
Pleasant Hill, California
Scott's 5 star Facebook review for Martin Family Chiropractic Centers

Our whole family has been a part of the wonderful care of Dr. Martin and his whole staff for several years. They’ve taken such great care of us all and have provided a level of service and care that is exceptional. Often times they have cared for us beyond what we could have expected. We are thankful for them all. They’ve become part of our family.

Scott D.
Pleasant Hill, California
Jen's 5 star Yelp review for Martin Family Chiropractic Centers

After going full-term with twins 3 years ago, and then raising said twins, my back and neck were in need of a little TLC. I went to Martin Family Chiropractic 2 & 1/2 years ago and they did a set of x-rays to see what was going on. My neck was literally curving exactly the opposite direction that it's supposed to and I had several other points on my spine in need of realignment. I was a mess!  Dr. Martin advised it would take about 3 months of visits to get me back on track. I started going and by my 2nd visit, my headaches (that I had been having nearly daily for over 6 months) were gone. Soon all the aches and pains that I had disappeared too, and I was realized how limited my physical abilities HAD been. Picking up my twin girls was easier, I slept better at night and generally had more energy. Then I went in for my 3 month x-rays and lo-and-behold, my neck had straightened back out! AMAZING!  The proof is in the pudding my friends. The staff there is amazing - as another Yelper said, it's so nice that they REALLY know you. They don't look you up 5 minutes before you come in and pretend to know your name. They even know my girls and have adjusted them!  One of my daughters was born with her legs bent inwards and had a tough time learning to walk due to this. I started bringing her when she was 1 and within weeks of having her adjusted, we really saw an improvement in her legs. I'm not trying to say Martin (or any other!) Chiropractic performs miracles. But for me and my family, they've certainly lived up to their commitment to make us healthier. They did what "traditional" doctors were not able to, and they did it with integrity.

Jen H.
Pleasant Hill, California
Krystal's 5 star Yelp review for Martin Family Chiropractic Centers

I sought out chiropractic care in 2016 when I started working a pretty stationary office job that was leaving my back with many issues. From the day I walked in, regardless if the time spent away, I've always been treated like family here, everyone is simply amazing! From the free consultation, exam & X-Ray, I have nothing but praise to give for the care received from Dr. Martin & his fellow Dr's, as well as staff! They're always so friendly and authentically interested in how we are as people. This practice has helped multiple areas in my life through chiropractic. I now work as a dog walker and yoga instructor, so with a much more active lifestyle, I've returned to Dr. Martins office for recovery and overall better health on a constant basis. Thank you so much for all of the love & good vibes you radiate through this office, love you guys!!!

Krystal D.
Pleasant Hill, California
James's 5 star Google review for {{CONDITION}}

I have gone to many different chiropractors over the years and Dr. Stephanie Martin is the best. She is extremely knowledgeable and really cares about her patients in every aspect of their lives. On top of that, the entire staff is amazing. They are always so friendly and aim to please. Rene, Lauren and Dr. Erin are always so delightful to talk to and catch up with. I highly recommend Martin Family Chiropractic in Pleasant Hill.

James K.
Pleasant Hill, California
Charlotte's 5 star Facebook review for back pain

Dr. Martin is a great chiropractor and I recommend if you have any back problem of any kind you should get evaluated by him! I've been going for a few months now and I can already see the difference in my back. Dr. Martin and all his office are very professional and pleasant!

Charlotte D.
Pleasant Hill, California

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