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Bob's 5-star review on google for back pain

I've suffered for most of my life with awful back, neck, shoulder pain. Came to Martin Family Chiropractic and now finally that's starting to change and I'm getting some relief. I brought my daughter here years ago and saw chiropractic change her life. I finally decided I was done suffering. Dr. Martin and Dr. Siino are great. You can tell that they truly care about their patients and are concerned about getting them back to health. The whole staff is always helpful and welcoming. Coming to Martin Chiropractic was the best decision I've ever made.

Bob M.
Concord, California
Dave's 5-star review on facebook for back pain

I was recommended to this place by a friend and saw Dr. Martin for the initial and occasionally went to the Brentwood location and saw Dr. Kern, both Dr's are great and were able to get me up and moving again and haven't been doubled over in back pain since, highly recommend!

Dave S.
Pleasant Hill, California
Dave's 5-star review on facebook for back pain

A compressed disc in my early 20s was the start of my back problems. I was very outdoor active in my 30s and 40s. I started working in the oil refineries in my late 40s. I saw several Chiropractors over the years, there was one good one and one great one, Dr. Martin is the great one. I was one of his first patients and have not seen another Chiropractor since. Because of my active lifestyle and hard, physical work, I never experienced complete healing of my back however, whenever I re-injured my back, Dr. Martin always got it back to "my normal", pain free and back to work. I am now 60yrs old and have several chronic health problems including painful arthritis in my neck and wrists so I make regular visits to Dr. Martin to maintain the pain. I fill out a lot of surveys for doctors, hospitals and various other stuff, I have never given a 5 star, Excellent rating for any of them, Dr. Martin has earned this rating, I highly recommend him and Chiropractic care.

Dave A.
Pleasant Hill, California
Universe's 5-star review on google for back pain

Let me tell you I’m one of those people I never write comments but when I see something wrong I’ll speak and when I see something right I will share this was my first experience and one of my best experience to come to this beautiful environment very friendly very affectionate care about their patients really listens they care and they get results that’s true love them very much please do check them out if you have any issues I feel like a new man and I’ve been living with low back and muscle and bone stiffness for months and years you guys are number 1 and the best many prayers and blessings I will Never let anyone work on my body beside you guys🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯💯💯😍😍😍🔱🔱🤩🤩🤩

Pleasant Hill, California
Herschel's 5-star review on google for back pain

Dr. Steph is the absolute best! I promise you won't get better care anywhere else and I've been to multiple chiropractors. You're treated like family here. I was having terrible low back pain for weeks but the doctors here were able to completely eliminate my pain and prevent pain in the future. I am so lucky to have chiropractic care in my life and such incredible doctors to take care of me. Thank you guys so much!

Pleasant Hill, California
Alan's 5-star review on google for back pain

Dr. Steph is amazing! She is knowledgeable, she cares, and she does it the right way the first time. My back, leg, and neck pain is gone. If you have been hesitant on seeing a Chiropractor (like I was) rest assured you are in good hands.

Alan K.
Pleasant Hill, California
Shelby's 5-star review on google for back pain

I have really enjoyed receiving care from Dr. Steph and the MFCC Pleasant Hill team! Lauren and Bethany are wonderful and very knowledgeable. I have always felt welcomed and heard during my appointments, and really appreciate Dr. Steph's attitude and approach to chiropractic care. I have learned so much about spinal maintenance and ways to continue caring for myself outside of my appointments. I look forward to continued treatment from Dr. Steph and the team!

Shelby S.
Pleasant Hill, California
Georgina's 5-star review on google for back pain

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re already interested in chiropractic care. Something within is telling you to seek help. Please do! Let me share how much my own life has improved since becoming a patient of Dr. Tomcik. As an RN, I’m constantly placing my body in certain positions that could be potentially dangerous if not done correctly. Well, after 9 years of nursing, I could feel that same late-night interest of seeking care by scrolling through web pages to analyse simple massage vs more thorough chiropractic care. I’d watch YouTube videos on both massages and chiropractic care and could feel I NEEDED to experience spinal adjustments. I would see the chiropractic patients’ relief that massage patients’ didn’t exactly get. I looked for a chiropractor close to home, and came to find this wonderful jewel. originally thought I was too young for corrective care and thought I’d just receive “preventative” care. Yeah right! My back was more twisted than my sense of humor. With the help of Dr Tomcik and Dr S Martin and their amazing staff like Renee and Tanya, my back feels better, my energy has returned, I have More confidence, a better posture, and attained a less stressful job. I even attempted hiking Mount Shasta this last weekend! I would of never even thought i was capable of anything like this a year ago. I feel like a renewed person. Do yourself the favor and just try it out. Also, bottled water and light snacks are available. It’s located near Pleasant Hill BART. There’s always parking available. And furry, 4 legged children are welcomed inside :)

Georgina R.
Pleasant Hill, California
Patricia's 5-star review on google for back pain

I was so surprised to see that the x-rays I have taken in the beginning of my care had changed drastically after several weeks of chiropractic treatment. My spine went from having slight subluxation to being correctly aligned. I also felt energized and felt well rested after the first week. My husband and I are on the Wellness Program and cannot see ourselves without chiropractic care. We look forward to coming in every week all the way from Oakland! We are also excited to bring our beautiful baby daughter in for care. Thank you Dr. Stephanie, your care for our family is highly appreciated.

Patricia V.
Pleasant Hill, California
5-star review from Martin Family Chiropractic Centers patient

I had back pain for years... I went to my medical doctor and was told that my back was so bad that it looked as though I had been in a serious accident, even though I hadn't. They basically told me that I had degenerative disc disease and that if I ever lost control of my bladder or my legs to go to the emergency room. Then I was sent on my way, but of course not without plenty of prescription drugs. I was at a loss, nothing seemed to help. I tried physical therapy and acupuncture with NO improvement. That is when I met Martin Family Chiropractic at the Jazz, Food, and Wine Festival. I had an instant connection with the doctors and made an appointment.* Since I have been under care at Martin Family Chiropractic, I have noticed fantastic improvement in not only the back pain, but also my understanding of how my body works and my limitations. The doctor took her time during the initial exam and educated me on my x-rays when they were ready to view. Something that was never done with my medical doctor.*

Joana's 5-star review for back pain

Before I became a patient of Martin Chiropractic I didn't know what a subluxation was. Though I have many back issues, I didn't know why and I didn't know if I could really do anything about the pain.* Years ago, after delivering my son, I suffered from Sciatica. I took muscle relaxers and lost five days with my son because I was zoned out on the prescription. Even after physical therapy, I couldn't stand up straight. My cousin, who is a Chiropractor, took x-rays and adjusted me a few times, but the key is... I didn't keep it up!* In 2010, my daughter became a patient at Martin Family Chiropractic and I came as her guest for my own check-up. I learned a lot and decided to give Corrective Care a try. Before I started, I resigned myself to the fact that I would never be pain-free and would just have to deal with it.* I have been in Wellness Care since 2011 and I will be for the rest of my life. Why? Because I invested a lot of time, money, and effort into getting well with Chiropractic! I am not going to throw it all away by not maintaining it and letting my body go back to the state it was in when I started. It is imperative to keep my spine in alignment.* I am 61 years old now, but I feel and function better than I did five years ago! Now I can enjoy time with my beautiful grandchildren! Remember that once you've completed Corrective Care, you are ready for Wellness Care and need it to stay healthy for life! I believe there is a reason for everything, and I thank God that He blessed me with Dr. Kern and Renee. They are very caring and make sure I get in regularly. I don't really feel like a patient, but like family at Martin Chiropractic.*

John and Jolyn's 5-star reviewfor back pain

We started coming to Martin Chiropractic after my husband threw his back out for the second time. I had been asking him to see a chiropractor for a while, but of course, his medical doctors told him he just had a strained muscle and sent him home with medications galore.* I was pregnant at the time and wanted to get checked myself, and was finally able to talk him into seeing a chiropractor. It was to the point where he was having a hard time sleeping and sitting. If he sat (which he does for 12 to 16 hours a day at work) it was extremely difficult and it was very painful for him to stand.* My husband felt relief after his FIRST adjustment. He is sleeping better and has less pain than he has ever had, even better than before he threw his back out the first time. I had my first adjustment the day before my scheduled cesarean section. I don't think I would have been able to get through it without our care! We have been seeing Dr. Martin regularly and have also gotten our two boys under care as well!* My husband is now able to hold his children without fear of hurting his back and is able to play with them pain-free. I am feeling great and have the energy to stay at home and keep up with our boys. I have noticed amazing things with our babies as well.* My two-year-old was one ear infection away from being referred to an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT), but now we bring him to Dr. Martin at the first sign of an infection and his body resolves them on its own! My newborn sleeps through the night, eats well, and has regular diaper changes which keep all of us happy! We are true believers in chiropractic and refer everyone we can by telling them what it has done for us, and that YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!* It will change your life, don't wait!!*

John & Jolyn

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