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5-star review from Martin Family Chiropractic Centers patient

When I first visited Dr. Kern’s office I was in severe low back pain. After only a few visits, I was pain-free and getting better with following visits. After 1 month of treatment, I felt more relaxed was walking better, sitting better and able to bend easier… After three months I was sleeping better and after four months, I was ready for Wellness Care!* I enjoy being in the office. The staff and doctor are so upbeat and friendly. Over the last 20 years I have visited many Chiropractic offices. Martin Family is very different… it’s enjoyable.*

Tyler's 5-star review on google

Great doctors and awesome staff! My back feels much better since coming here!

Tyler M.
Pleasant Hill, California
Brianne's 5-star review on google

I’m so happy I finally decided to seek chiropractic help. I’ve had back problems for years, and thought there was no end in sight when it came to the pain I was constantly in. Dr. Steph and the staff at Martin Family Chiropractic have done such a wonderful job taking care of me and educating me about spinal care!

Brianne W.
Pleasant Hill, California
Orlando's 5-star review on google

Very kind and caring staff and doctor who are invested in your care and comfort. Always accommodating and very helpful with insurance companies and finances. And i always leave with a smile, not to mention my overall comfort level with my back/neck has improved drastically!

Orlando M.
Pleasant Hill, California
Linda's 5-star review on google

Wonderful place to go to feel great. I was having a problem walking. An X-Ray was done and I didn’t realize how bad my back was until I had a repeat X-ray done after treatment and my back was straight. I’m now on maintenance care, no more cane to walk and best of all no more pain. The entire staff is wonderful. Very friendly and the best part is you feel so good when you leave. I strongly recommend this wonderful Practice to everyone.

Concord, California
Debbie's 5-star review on yelp

I have been going to them for years. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful treatment I have received over the years. They have treated me for everything from a common cold (nasal congestion) to back issues to an arthritic knee to multiple back issues. I had tried everything for my back from PT to injections to acupuncture and nothing worked until I saw Dr. Martin. All of the doctors there are amazing and treat you like family. I go in once a week for a wellness check and whatever else I need at the time. The staff is on top of it too.

Debbie L.
Pleasant Hill, California
Sherie's 5-star review on google

I have been under the excellent care of Dr. Martin and his very skilled clinic now for over three years. He is far and away the best chiropractor I have ever worked with in my life or my episodic back pain. Since working with him, I have experienced steady and consistently positive results. He is highly skilled, gentle in his adjustments, is clearly passionate about being a chiropractor, and is a teacher and thought-leader among chiropractors. As a physician, I particularly appreciate his thoughtful, evidence-based, updated approach. He is clearly passionate about what he does, and consistently goes the extra mile for me and all of his patients. Additionally, all of the members of his office, particularly Megan, are so professional, helpful, and seem to consistently brighten peoples’ days!

Sherie R.
Concord, California
Matthew's 5-star review on google

The best customer service I've received anywhere!! Always had discomfort in my lower back and just thought that was part of life until I went in for a free examination and x-rays and discovered how mine spin had degenerated and bent incorrectly. My life is better since I've been coming. 11/10 would recommend.

Matthew D.
Concord, California
Ashley's 5-star review on yelp

My neck my neck and my back!!! Dr. Siino and everyone at Martin chiropractic have been a game changer for me!! As a stylist and gym rat I am always bending and moving in weird ways. I started with pain in my hips barely able to run anymore, neck pain from work and now I am a new lady! All the girls at the front desk are extremely helpful and flexible with my pain schedule too! Big love and thanks to everyone at the office.

Ashley C.
Concord, California
Krystal's 5-star review on yelp

I sought out chiropractic care in 2016 when I started working a pretty stationary office job that was leaving my back with many issues. From the day I walked in, regardless if the time spent away, I've always been treated like family here, everyone is simply amazing! From the free consultation, exam & X-Ray, I have nothing but praise to give for the care received from Dr. Martin & his fellow Dr's, as well as staff! They're always so friendly and authentically interested in how we are as people. This practice has helped multiple areas in my life through chiropractic. I now work as a dog walker and yoga instructor, so with a much more active lifestyle, I've returned to Dr. Martins office for recovery and overall better health on a constant basis. Thank you so much for all of the love & good vibes you radiate through this office, love you guys!!!

Krystal D.
Brentwood, California
Charlotte's 5-star review on facebook for neck pain relief

Dr. Martin is a great chiropractor and I recommend if you have any back problem of any kind you should get evaluated by him! I've been going for a few months now and I can already see the difference in my back. Dr. Martin and all his office are very professional and pleasant!

Charlotte D.
Concord, California
Sara's 5-star review on google

Dr. Stef and all of her staff (past and present) are so kind, warm, welcoming, and honestly really DO care about each and every patient. Only, its more than that. Sure, she can fix your neck, back, hips, pinched nerve... Whatever! She can even fix feet!! (Ask about the toe-gasims, they are amazing!) But all of that, with the exception of the feet, you kinda expect from a chiropractor. I mean, that IS what they do. But let me tell you why Dr. Martin should be YOUR chiropractor. A few months ago my 3 yr old unexpectedly jumped on me, I didn't even see her coming. Anyway, not too long after my back began to hurt and then the migraine kicked in. I went in on a Saturday and went home to rest. Monday rolls around and now I'm oddly dizzy. Then next thing I know my world won't right itself and I'm vomiting, wishing I could find my feet on the floor. I go to Kaiser and they tell me I have vertigo. They give me meds, some exercises, and send me home. My husband tells Dr. Stef and next thing I know she is calling me every few hours to check on me, making sure I have her cell number, even offered to come to my house. I finally make it into the office and she has me do some exercise to rebalance the fluid in my inner ear and about a week or so later I can confidently say which way is up and which way is down. Kaiser may have given me anti-nausea pills but I can guarantee no one there was going to give me their cell number and check up on me like Dr. Stef did! She goes above and beyond above-and-beyond!!

Sara Z.
Pleasant Hill, California

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