Headaches & Migraines Testimonials

Cindy's 5-star review on google for headache relief

There’s no better place than Martin Family Chiropractic. I have had chiropractic care in the past and my experience here has been drastically different. Lauren and Megan are always so cheerful and make me feel at home. Dr. Wang took the time to explain everything that is going on with me and laid out a clear plan for my care. His adjustments are very precise and he does only what is needed. I no longer have chronic headaches.

Cindy D.
Concord, California
Gloria's 5-star review on google for headache relief

My life was at a standstill. I was having daily headaches. I went to bed early from being in pain. I tried going to the gym and eating healthy but I still was not seeing results. I was tired of being tired. I started seeing Dr. Martin a little over a month ago. No more headaches, I laugh and play wrestle with my 11 year old son and I can stay awake through the whole movie! :) Dr. Martin is also helping me with my nutrition intake, stretch and strengthening. I plan on getting back in the gym and was encouraged to complete a fitness goal. I’m excited to see how healthy my body is both inside and out. I am committed and Dr. Martin and the beautiful, sweet staff are committed to me. I just needed to be willing and Dr. Martin Family has been there for me! Thank you for this life-enhancing experience.❤️

Gloria B.
Concord, California
Sarah's 5-star review on google for headache relief

I came to Martin Family Chiropractic with debilitating migraines. They were causing me blurry vision, numbness in my face and hands, and nausea due to the extreme pain. I was nervous about going to a chiropractor, but when I met Dr. Martin that changed immediately! Two pinched nerves turned out to be the cause of my misery. My symptoms started to fade very quickly after starting care and migraines became a thing of the past! Six years later, I still get adjusted by Dr. Martin and Dr. Siino and I’m still migraine free! Martin Family Chiropractic is unlike any other Chiropractic office. Everyone is always friendly, helpful, and efficient. I've felt like family since the moment I walked in the door!

Sarah M.
Concord, California
Jaclyn's 5-star review on google for headache relief

We have been going to see Dr Kern for the last two years. He and his staff has been so kind to myself and my family. Not only has he corrected and maintained my lower back, but he checks up on my son as well. Just last week, my son, who is two, was running a fever for several days, and wasn't breaking using Tylenol and Motrin. I called the office and told them about my situation. They were able to see us within 10 mins that morning. My son's fever broke that afternoon after being adjusted by Dr Kern, and as a mother, it was a huge relief. Thank you to Dr. Kern and his whole team!

Jaclyn C.
Brentwood, California
Bethany's 5-star review on google for headache relief

My migraines have subsided since I started coming to Martin Chiropractic. I don’t know anywhere that cares as much as the doctors here!

Bethany M.
Pleasant Hill, California
Cindy's 5-star review on google for headache relief

Everyone is so friendly and the doctors are great. They have helped me with my chronic headaches. I no longer need to take medication for it.

Cindy D.
Pleasant Hill, California
David and Felicia's 5-star review for headache relief

My boyfriend, David, and I purchased vouchers online for Martin Chiropractic's discounted exams/x-rays. I had been dealing with low back pain, upper back pain, headaches, and pain in my shoulders, and David was so tired of his neck and shoulder stiffness. Being in our early twenties, we knew fixing out problems was important if we wanted to keep working hard and advancing in our careers. We soon learned that a few adjustments wouldn't fix our issues. We went through Corrective Care and were so impressed with the results!* We knew the road to recovery didn't end with correction, so we've invested in our future through Wellness Care. Dr. Kern has coached us with techniques to aid with carpal tunnel and other aches and pains. I can't believe how rarely we get sick and if we do it's a shorter length of time!* Martin Chiropractic is our go-to place, because Chiropractic has allowed us to heal and we want to reach our full potential in life and in health!*

David & Felicia
Dayna's 5-star review for headache relief

Chiropractic and I met by accident, but not the type of accident you may think. I wasn't in a car, I didn't slip and fall. We met in the form of a posting on craigslist as I was looking for employment. Little did I know that the small ad would lead to a huge life change.* I have always thought of myself as a happy, healthy, normal person, but looking back on where I was only a year ago nothing was further from the truth. I used to love to be active and social, going dirt bike riding, camping, working out; but something had changed over time. I was tired to the point of wanting to sleep every day away, experiencing anxiety, and suffering from almost daily headaches. I was always on edge and stressed out; being negative was becoming second nature, and I was always lashing out at those closest to me. Who I had become had no resemblance to the person I used to or wanted to be. I always thought that chiropractors made your back stop hurting if you lifted something too heavy or were in a car accident. I didn't have anything wrong with my back (or so I thought) so what was the point of seeing a chiropractor? Seeing my x-rays, I was shocked. Hearing from Dr. Caitlin that the amount of decay in my spine is usually seen in someone much older brought tears to my eyes. It made me think, what would have happened if I was not lucky enough to be able to stop the problem before it got worse? Where would I be in ten, twenty, thirty years if I was already this bad?* I started my treatment that very day. Over the next six months, I had a ton of questions, especially since I had no experience with chiropractic. The doctors were amazing; especially when it came to patiently answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns.* The time has flown by, and I cannot believe the place that I am in today versus where I was last year. The headaches are gone, the anxiety is non-existent. That unhappy, stressed out person has disappeared and in her place is a woman who is excited about her future. Did chiropractic change my life? Absolutely! And it was all by "accident".*

5-star review from Martin Family Chiropractic Centers patient

The combined stress of my husband's deployment and subsequent injury in Afghanistan, women's health issues, and daily life caused me to suffer from a stiff neck, sore shoulders, and constant headaches. I could not move without difficulty and pain. My suffering affected my emotional well-being too. I was either easily agitated or depressed. I self-medicated with 1600mg od Ibuprofen every day as well as muscle relaxer (Flexeril) and anti-depressant (Pristiq). The Ibuprofen helped, but it did not alleviate my pain. The muscle relaxer made me feel "loopy" and then would make me sleep. The anti-depressant helped motivate me to tackle my day, but only on the days I didn't take a muscle relaxer. I became overwhelmed with all that I needed to accomplish because things were neglected due to my sleep and/or pain. My life stressed, pain, and emotional well-being created a VICIOUS CAUSE AND EFFECT CYCLE; each one triggering a reaction from the other... I was referred to Martin Family Chiropractic for sports physicals for my children by another team parent. Renee was able to fit us into Dr. Kern's schedule within our very short time frame. Upon meeting Renee and Dr. Kern, their friendly and courteous demeanor encouraged me to seek Dr. Kern's advice for my daily pain. His comforting words gave me HOPE!* After our private consultation, examination, and x-rays, Dr. Kern reported that I suffered from subluxations in all areas of my spine. All of my symptoms were signs that I had pinched nerves keeping my body from functioning the way it was supposed to.* I have been a part of the Martin Family of patients for over one year. I have increased mobility in my neck and shoulders and I am pain free with No medication!!! My initial symptoms brought me to the office; however, I realized another positive benefit: the duration and severity of my seasonal allergy symptoms decreased!* My experience has made me a life-long believer in the positive benefits of Chiropractic care. My husband and children are now patients at Martin Family Chiropractic too! I look forward to enjoying another season catching both of my children's soccer teams, leading a Cub scout den, and spending quality time with my family while Pain Free and functioning at my full potential!*

Lori's 5-star review on google

Wonderful staff!! I have had horrible migraines and Dr. Kern is the only one that’s been able to help me get rid of them. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend the Brentwood office!

Lori A.
Brentwood, California
Sara's 5-star review on google

Dr. Stef and all of her staff (past and present) are so kind, warm, welcoming, and honestly really DO care about each and every patient. Only, its more than that. Sure, she can fix your neck, back, hips, pinched nerve... Whatever! She can even fix feet!! (Ask about the toe-gasims, they are amazing!) But all of that, with the exception of the feet, you kinda expect from a chiropractor. I mean, that IS what they do. But let me tell you why Dr. Martin should be YOUR chiropractor. A few months ago my 3 yr old unexpectedly jumped on me, I didn't even see her coming. Anyway, not too long after my back began to hurt and then the migraine kicked in. I went in on a Saturday and went home to rest. Monday rolls around and now I'm oddly dizzy. Then next thing I know my world won't right itself and I'm vomiting, wishing I could find my feet on the floor. I go to Kaiser and they tell me I have vertigo. They give me meds, some exercises, and send me home. My husband tells Dr. Stef and next thing I know she is calling me every few hours to check on me, making sure I have her cell number, even offered to come to my house. I finally make it into the office and she has me do some exercise to rebalance the fluid in my inner ear and about a week or so later I can confidently say which way is up and which way is down. Kaiser may have given me anti-nausea pills but I can guarantee no one there was going to give me their cell number and check up on me like Dr. Stef did! She goes above and beyond above-and-beyond!!

Sara Z.
Pleasant Hill, California

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