Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain Testimonials

Willis's 5-star review on google for pain relief

For two plus years I have been going to Martin Chiropractic Center. For me it's conveniently located. Especially, I enjoy the front desk personnel - always so cheerful and welcoming. Since I am a senior citizen, my goals are to maintain flexibility and a general sense of wellbeing. Dr. Siino gives excellent care - never jarring or painful. As an organist, I have been concerned with loss of feeling in my feet, but Dr. Siino has greatly improved that situation and I'm rarely bothered by my feet limitations any more.

Willis P.
Concord, California
Melissa's 5-star review on google for pain relief

Dr. Martin is the BEST! I have been going to see Dr. Martin since I was in high school, so going on 12-13 years with him. He always remembers my problem areas without checking my chart and works to make sure everything is just right before I leave the office. It's a family affair here at Martin Family Chiropractic, my mom, dad, brother, sister in law, and even 7 month old nephew come for regular visits with Dr. Martin. And Megan is WONDERFUL! She is always there to greet you with a big beautiful smile. Always willing to help out with extra health information and ways to keep you healthy and happy. She is simply wonderful. Sarah also greets you with a warm smile and always makes sure she says hi even when she's in the back office. Dr. Martin has not only helped my family with 'back issues' he's worked on our ankles, knees, hips, shoulder, digestive issues and even reflux issues on my little nephew when he was a new born. Dr. Martins wife Stephanie even helped me with my digestive issues with suggestions and different natural digestive help. Martin Family Chiropractic had helped my family in more ways than our Chiropractic health ❤️

Melissa H.
Concord, California
Sara's 5-star review on google for pain relief

I'd been having issues with shooting pain that traveled down my leg that worsened over time. Busy with work and believing it would correct itself I went on this way for over a month. It had gotten so bad I was having trouble sitting without hanging one side of myself off the chair. I talked with John who convinced me to come down to their office. I went in believing it might help some but can't say I wasn't a skeptic. My sister in law and husband had gone to several in the past and I'd never seen any grand changes but I figured "hey, what have I got to lose?" What I had to lose was the PAIN! Oh my gosh I seriously could not believe it! In just a few visits I had gotten SO MUCH BETTER. After going in for a week my family had a trip planned to Tahoe about 3 hours away. I was so worried about the drive, since sitting was the worst. As well as what it would do to me plowing through the snow. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I couldn't believe it. Aside from all of that it should be noted that the office is clean and inviting. The staff are ALL friendly and welcoming and Dr. Kern is wonderful! Easy to talk to, explains everything in great detail and is genuinely concerned about the welfare and happiness of his patients. HIGHLY recommend! I will be telling everyone I know about this amazing new (to me!) world of Chiropractic care!

Sara P.
Brentwood, California
Bethany's 5-star review on google for pain relief

Another INCREDIBLE adjustment by Dr Steph! She is so thorough and knows specifically what I need. I had a flare up in my hips after rock climbing last week—I was in a lot of pain and I was scared. Dr. Steph went out of her way to treat me in my emergency, and continued to check on me throughout the weekend. She cares SO. MUCH. You don’t have to suffer! I wish I found them sooner. I can’t thank Martin Family enough! I always leave this office a little taller. Thank you Martin Family Chiropractic ❤️

Bethany M.
Pleasant Hill, California
Roslyn's 5-star review on google for pain relief

I injured my back when I was 18 and then had multiple jobs where I was required to lift 100+ lb. bags and drums. So I needed the care that instant! I knew there was a length difference in my leg, but was surprised to see the x-rays and hear how much of a difference from the doctor. I have been given a lift to wear in my shoe, which is taking some time getting used to, but I am noticing a difference in my back pain already. I am really impressed with the awesome wellness program for maintaining my spinal corrections and have to say that the scheduling is awesome for my appointments. I am very busy, but the office always finds a way to make me feel important and heard while still getting me seen and on my way in a reasonable time. I don't feel like I have ever had so much attention given to me and directed toward my exact needs. I can see why my retired chiropractor referred me in. Thanks for taking good care of me!

Roslyn E.
Pleasant Hill, California
Debbie's 5-star review on yelp

I have been going to them for years. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful treatment I have received over the years. They have treated me for everything from a common cold (nasal congestion) to back issues to an arthritic knee to multiple back issues. I had tried everything for my back from PT to injections to acupuncture and nothing worked until I saw Dr. Martin. All of the doctors there are amazing and treat you like family. I go in once a week for a wellness check and whatever else I need at the time. The staff is on top of it too.

Debbie L.
Pleasant Hill, California
Sara's 5-star review on google

Dr. Stef and all of her staff (past and present) are so kind, warm, welcoming, and honestly really DO care about each and every patient. Only, its more than that. Sure, she can fix your neck, back, hips, pinched nerve... Whatever! She can even fix feet!! (Ask about the toe-gasims, they are amazing!) But all of that, with the exception of the feet, you kinda expect from a chiropractor. I mean, that IS what they do. But let me tell you why Dr. Martin should be YOUR chiropractor. A few months ago my 3 yr old unexpectedly jumped on me, I didn't even see her coming. Anyway, not too long after my back began to hurt and then the migraine kicked in. I went in on a Saturday and went home to rest. Monday rolls around and now I'm oddly dizzy. Then next thing I know my world won't right itself and I'm vomiting, wishing I could find my feet on the floor. I go to Kaiser and they tell me I have vertigo. They give me meds, some exercises, and send me home. My husband tells Dr. Stef and next thing I know she is calling me every few hours to check on me, making sure I have her cell number, even offered to come to my house. I finally make it into the office and she has me do some exercise to rebalance the fluid in my inner ear and about a week or so later I can confidently say which way is up and which way is down. Kaiser may have given me anti-nausea pills but I can guarantee no one there was going to give me their cell number and check up on me like Dr. Stef did! She goes above and beyond above-and-beyond!!

Sara Z.
Pleasant Hill, California

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