Neck Pain Testimonials

Naomi's 5-star review on google for neck pain relief

I’ve never felt better! I went to see Dr. Martin a few months ago due to pain in my sciatica and pinched nerves in my neck. I could barely walk straight and was in constant pain. Doing hair for 30 years has taken a toll on my body. With regular care and a commitment to doing my stretches at home, I can honestly say that I feel amazing once again. No more pain and a whole lot of gratitude! Dr. Martin is the real deal...without question, his hands are magic. His staff is pretty amazing too! I’m beyond grateful for the care I received. My daughter goes to him too and she’s right on track to being pain free too! It’s great to feel normal again, oh and I sleep like a baby! Thank you than you thank you Dr. Martin!!!

Naomi L.
Concord, California
Pamela's 5-star review on google for neck pain relief

I’ve been going to Dr. Martin for almost a year now . I've gotten out of pain in my neck. I notice my mood has been so much more positive. Gust the beginning of this month fell backwards on a piece of steel and broke two ribs. I was concerned about my spine and Dr. martin totally put and piece that my spine is good. I was only going once a week to get adjusted to maintain what Dr. Martin has fixed. He wants me to come three times a week so my ribs will heal quicker because he cares so much. I am sleeping better and feeling better thanks to Dr. Martin.

Pamela G.
Concord, California
Karen's 5-star review on facebook for neck pain relief

A few years ago, I was having neck and shoulder pain running all the way down my arm. I tried to relieve it with heat at home, massage, and stretches. I called Martin Family Chiropractic and was welcomed in right away. After my free consultation and seeing my x-ray results, I was surprised to see how crooked my spine was and to learn how nerves can be affected, causing pain and other issues. Dr. Kern and staff were so great and helped me so much! My husband was skeptical to try chiropractic at first but when he saw how much better I felt, he was convinced. We've been going for weekly maintenance appointments for a few years now along with our young son and we feel great. We love our chiropractic family! They are awesome people and really care about their patients!

Karen B.
Concord, California
Rebeca's 5-star review on google for neck pain relief

Last week I woke up with a stiff neck and Kristin was so nice and made it super easy to fit me in on a Friday before a Holiday weekend! I love Dr Kern's philosophy on care and he was able to relieve the pain and bring back some mobility immediately. I had been looking for a chiropractor and feel I have finally found one that aligns with me and my beliefs on healthcare. I referred my daughter and she feels the same way!! Thank you so much Dr Kern and Kristin!!

Rebeca G.
Brentwood, California
Teri's 5-star review on google for neck pain relief

I had been living with back and neck problems for many years. Turning my body and head to safely reverse out of a parking space or my driveway was so difficult and painful. After half a year of triweekly visits with Dr. Kern, I am constantly amazed that I can once again move more painlessly and with a much wider range of motion - like I used to when I was young; and I feel young again! Now, every time I back out with my car, I am thankful for the chiropractic care. Dr. Kern uses a hi-def, digital x-ray, so you get a clear "picture" of your spinal problems. The "before" and "after" x-rays are cool and speak for the results. I like that he uses a special chart in the treatment rooms that helps you visualize your progress. Additionally he recommends stretches and exercises specific to your condition. Last but not least, the staff is awesome!

Teri V.
Brentwood, California
Michelle's 5-star review on google for neck pain relief

I contacted Martin Chiropractic because I was tired of missing work from my low back pain. I have been coming for a few weeks and I can already feel a difference. The change has not only been physical but I am a more positive person as well. I can feel my foot again and have returned to work. I am extremely happy with the care that I am receiving and have since referred in my trainer at the gym.

Michelle R.
Brentwood, California
Kenneth's 5-star review on yelp for neck pain relief

I have been going to chiropractors for all my adult life. Some good... some not so good. But these people are awesome and incredibly professional. Not only that they have very sophisticated techniques to get your body aligned properly so you can heal. Specifically, Dr. Peters is a magician. I have a Degenerative condition in my neck that he was able to straighten out and showed me some things that no one else has ever helped me with. I've even referred family and friends to him and they're extremely happy as well. Dr. Peters & the whole staff deserve every bit of the five stars that I've given.

Kenneth B.
Brentwood, California
Naomi's 5-star review on yelp for neck pain relief

Words can't express how much better I feel. I've been a hairstylist for 30 years which means 30 years of repetitive movements and very long work days. Pinched nerves in my neck and pain in my lower and mid back brought me here. This place is, first of all, the cleanest business I've ever visited. 2nd...the service is extraordinary. Megan, Lauren, Dr. Martin, Dr. Samson, just to name a few, are incredible. It feels like family here. Of course, I am feeling SO much better! The pain in my neck is gone and my back is feeling much better. I am on the road to recovery...and I couldn't be more grateful. I referred my daughter here too for back pain and constant headaches. After only a few sessions with Dr. Martin, she can already feel the difference! Amazing staff, priced right, and conveniently located only 2 miles away from my house. I am SO GRATEFUL for Dr. Martin!!!!

Naomi L.
Concord, California
Jim's 5-star review on google for neck pain relief

I have been a patient with Martin Chiropractic in Pleasant Hill for over 3 years and have been very satisfied with the attention given to me. The doctors and staff have been very friendly, sincerely concerned and professional. I have been treated for a number of physical ailments over the years from neck to back problems and have been quite pleased with the personal attention I have received. Thanks to the service I have received, I have been able to continue physical activities with less pain and better mobility.

Jim N.
Pleasant Hill, California
5-star review from Martin Family Chiropractic Centers patient

As an elementary school teacher, I am always around sick students and staff. I originally came to Martin Family Chiropractic for headaches, neck pain, and chest/back pain... But after only four months of Corrective Care, I realized there were SO many benefits!* Halfway through my correction, I had my son, Jayden, checked as well. Now we are both wellness patients! I can't believe how infrequently I get sick! If I ever get sick, it may be for a day or two when it used to be for weeks at a time!* I used to be "that" person who always had something, but now I'm going to friends' houses to help nurse them back to health! Chiropractic is our primary form of healthcare.*

Lisa & Jayden
Naomi's 5-star review for neck pain relief

I started at Martin Chiropractic due to stiffness and pain to my neck and shoulder. It was determined that I had arthritis and a pinched nerve which was causing my problems. My physical activities were limited because of the pain. Home chores, driving, gym workouts, and golf were all painful from my shoulders down to my arms and hands. I have experienced considerable improvement in my flexibility since being under care of Martin Chiropractic. I'm still experiencing some neck and shoulder pain from time to time, but I have seen improvement to my flexibility and lessening of pain to my arms and hands. Now I can return to my golfing and the physical activities I love! I truly appreciate the amazing care I have had here at Martin Chiropractic. Although they have a very busy practice with many clients, they made me feel like I was the most important on their mind at the time. They sincerely care and go out of their way to see that I continue my journey of wellness.*

Jim N.
5-star review from Martin Family Chiropractic Centers patient

Words fail me to describe how pleased I am at the results of my experience with Martin Family Chiropractic. Less than a year ago, I suffered from neck pain and lower back pain so excruciating that I needed a cane and an untold amount of Vicodin just to make it through the day. Further, there were days I couldn't even handle the pain driving to the chiropractic office.* Injections of pain blockers by a medical doctor and staff often became necessary when all else failed. That was then... Now, my neck and back pain are only uncomfortable memories. As an added bonus, I was cured of a balance problem referred to as vertigo wherein I could not walk a straight line or navigate even a straight line down the hall without bumping into the walls. Falling down and hurting myself seemed to be a normal occurrence. No More!

Lanny & Heidi

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