Shoulder Pain Testimonials

Karen's 5-star review on google for shoulder pain relief

A few years ago, I was having neck and shoulder pain running all the way down my arm. I tried to relieve it with heat at home, massage, and stretches. I called Martin Family Chiropractic and was welcomed in right away. After my free consultation and seeing my x-ray results, I was surprised to see how crooked my spine was and to learn how nerves can be affected, causing pain and other issues. Dr. Kern and staff were so great and helped me so much! My husband was skeptical to try chiropractic at first but when he saw how much better I felt, he was convinced. We've been going for weekly maintenance appointments for a few years now along with our young son and we feel great. We love our chiropractic family! They are awesome people and really care about their patients!

Karen B.
Brentwood, California
Wendy's 5-star review on google for shoulder pain relief

In desperate need of relief from shoulder pain, I came here for some answers. I have gotten chiropractic care at other places but this office has really gone above and beyond any expectations. They always work with me and my crazy schedule to make sure I'm taken care of. Kristen or Renee will even sit and read to my kids while I'm getting adjusted. I'm still in the process of healing but I'm satisfied with the care I've received so far.

Wendy M.
Brentwood, California
Sarah's 5-star review on yelp for shoulder pain relief

I am SO GRATEFUL for Dr. Martin and his office. I was at the end of my rope with my upper back and neck pain. For several years I had a feeling of an ice pick like pain in the lower left side of my neck and upper back/shoulder. I felt like I had tried "everything" and nothing was working. I was so frustrated....I went to my medical Dr and they ordered an MRI of my neck....the results were several discs in my neck were bulging on the left side. Their suggestion was to try and strengthen my muscles and said surgery wasn't even an option "right now" and that it would keep getting worse. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I have a lot of life to live and the thought of being in pain and it getting worse seemed so horrible and depressing. I met with Dr Martin and he could see the problem areas on XRAY and MRI. He developed a treatment plan for me that was specific to my issues and began a course of specific, gentle adjustments that are actually CORRECTING THE PROBLEM and helping to relieve my symptoms. I look forward to every treatment and feel a huge sense of relief knowing that my body Can Heal Itself and achieve balance again. I actually have tears in my eyes writing this because he has given me HOPE again!  The road I was going down was not pretty....I would be physically limited, in pain and on various medications and when it got SO BAD maybe surgery?????....uughhhh....AGAIN, THANK YOU TO DR MARTIN AND HIS WONDERFUL STAFF FOR HELPING ME!

Concord, California
Veronica's 5-star review on facebook for shoulder pain relief

I injured my shoulder a few months ago, and it’s been bothering me ever since. Dr. Martin adjusted it yesterday, and it felt like I’d never been injured. I’m so thankful for the care I got, and the friendly staff. In just one adjustment it was back to normal. I do have to baby it for a bit so I don’t injure it again, but it feels so much better! They treated my back a few years ago, and I only have to go in every once in a while if I injure it somehow (I’m kind of accident prone 😬). I highly suggest chiropractic care. It makes such a huge difference!

Veronica W.
Pleasant Hill, California
Kim's 5-star review for shoulder pain relief

I walked into Martin Family Chiropractic looking for a massage to work out the knots in my shoulder, thinking that the pain in my upper arm would leave if I did that. After a full exam, Dr. Kern found a pinched nerve, and told me that if the cause of my shoulder pain was due to that nerve, being under Chiropractic care with him could heal my arm!* As Dr. Kern began to work on my spine, I was pleasantly surprised to find that soon all the aches and pains I had been suffering were relieved! It wasn't quick or easy, but it was worth it! In about six weeks the pain in my shoulder was completely gone. I learned what Chiropractic care is all about! The nervous system affects ALL parts of our body!* Soon, my entire spine will be aligned and all without medicine or surgery! It all makes sense now that I've teamed up with Martin Family Chiropractic to take care of my health and that is why I plan to be a wellness patient for life!*

5-star review from Martin Family Chiropractic Centers patient

The combined stress of my husband's deployment and subsequent injury in Afghanistan, women's health issues, and daily life caused me to suffer from a stiff neck, sore shoulders, and constant headaches. I could not move without difficulty and pain. My suffering affected my emotional well-being too. I was either easily agitated or depressed. I self-medicated with 1600mg od Ibuprofen every day as well as muscle relaxer (Flexeril) and anti-depressant (Pristiq). The Ibuprofen helped, but it did not alleviate my pain. The muscle relaxer made me feel "loopy" and then would make me sleep. The anti-depressant helped motivate me to tackle my day, but only on the days I didn't take a muscle relaxer. I became overwhelmed with all that I needed to accomplish because things were neglected due to my sleep and/or pain. My life stressed, pain, and emotional well-being created a VICIOUS CAUSE AND EFFECT CYCLE; each one triggering a reaction from the other... I was referred to Martin Family Chiropractic for sports physicals for my children by another team parent. Renee was able to fit us into Dr. Kern's schedule within our very short time frame. Upon meeting Renee and Dr. Kern, their friendly and courteous demeanor encouraged me to seek Dr. Kern's advice for my daily pain. His comforting words gave me HOPE!* After our private consultation, examination, and x-rays, Dr. Kern reported that I suffered from subluxations in all areas of my spine. All of my symptoms were signs that I had pinched nerves keeping my body from functioning the way it was supposed to.* I have been a part of the Martin Family of patients for over one year. I have increased mobility in my neck and shoulders and I am pain free with No medication!!! My initial symptoms brought me to the office; however, I realized another positive benefit: the duration and severity of my seasonal allergy symptoms decreased!* My experience has made me a life-long believer in the positive benefits of Chiropractic care. My husband and children are now patients at Martin Family Chiropractic too! I look forward to enjoying another season catching both of my children's soccer teams, leading a Cub scout den, and spending quality time with my family while Pain Free and functioning at my full potential!*


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