Dr. Neda Nafei provides excellent customer support

Dr. Neda Nafei

Dr. Neda Nafei, graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic in 1991 and practiced in Fremont, Ca for over 15 years. Then she moved to Dubai and was amongst the first female chiropractors in that region. She has been the consultant for many Fitness clubs in the United Arab Emirates. She has treated many celebrities who would travel to Dubai. She was the lecturer and safety consultant for Jumeirah Group Hotels,Burj al Arab, Intercontinental Group Hotels in Dubai, Mars Group, Dubai International Airport Employees, and Dubai Aviation Club. She made many appearances as a guest speaker on the Dubai TV show “Studio One Dubai” and Live Radio show “Dubai Eye”. She was featured in Internationally recognized “Haya” magazine and Chiropractic Doctor on Reality Show “Fighting Fit” Dubai in 2017. She was the presenter at “Fitness Expo Dubai”2016, Dubai Marathon”2015, “Iron Man” event 216, “Dubai Cycle Challenge” 2016. After 15 years of practice in the middle east, it was time to come back to California and be with the family and experience being a grandmother.

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