Auto Accident Injury Testimonials

Jason's 5-star review on google for auto accident injury

Martin Family Chiropractic Center has helped me a lot I was in a car accident & it messed my back up I came to Martin Family Chiropractic & I am really glad I did I see Dr. Jeffrey Siino he is excellent & has improved my back pain & motion & the whole staff genuinely care about all their patience & are very welcoming they are even working with my insurance company Progressive for direct payment they always have cold water & are true professional who want to help you recover. Thank you everyone at Martin Family Chiropractic Center.

Jason S.
Concord, California
Maria's 5-star review on yelp for auto accident injury

Dr Jeff and his staff is amazing!!! I was in a car accident and found the best healing place in concord...the staff is so professional, very attentive and flexible when scheduling appointments.

Maria S.
Brentwood, California
Kari's 5-star review on google for auto accident injury

I went to Martin Chiropractic for an evaluation after an accident. They took their time with me, asked questions about the accident, gave me a full examination including x-rays. I felt so comfortable and as if I were the most important patient. Definitely a 5 Star practice serving their clients!!

Kari F.
Brentwood, California
Bernard's 5-star review on google for auto accident injury

Within 2 months I was involved in 2 car accidents. I wasn't able to sleep and it was causing me physical and mental anguish. I knew I needed some serious help. The pain was in my shoulder and neck and was causing daily migraines. Even just a simple sitting was impossible for me to do. I wanted to find a treatment to my pain. Now I am happy to say, that because of the amazing care given by Dr. Kern I can sleep already at night in my own bed! Since October I hadn't slept in my bed due to the pain I felt so bad and I had to prop myself up on the couch. It is definitely something we take for granted. I also stopped taking any type of pain medication. I feel amazing! Don't wait until something is wrong. Make a call and see Dr. Kern, it will Save Your Life!

Bernard A.
Brentwood, California
Maria's 5-star review on yelp for auto accident injury

Dr Jeff and his staff is amazing!!! I was in a car accident and found the best healing place in concord...the staff is so professional, very attentive and flexible when scheduling appointments. Their office is so clean and always have delicious apple that my little one loves!! Thank you to my chiropractor I'm healing so much better!!!

Maria S.
Concord, California
Veronica's 5-star review on facebook for auto accident injury Veronica's running LA Marathon after Chiropractic Adjustment

I came to Martin Chiropractic in August of 2017. At the time, I had relocated from Los Angeles. I had been going to another chiropractor who was great, but I believe that I had such extensive damage to my back from previous car accidents that I developed a slight curve in my spine. For years I heard about the LA Marathon and really wanted to do it, but something always came up. Last year it was the back pain that got in my way. I got to a point where I could barely walk, so a Marathon seemed insurmountable. When I started going to Martin Chiropractic, I explained to Dr. Siino that I really wanted to do the upcoming LA Marathon. I explained that I couldn't even do a jumping jack without pain in my back. Dr. Siino said that these would be goals for me. Sure enough, within about 2 months I was able to comfortably do jumping jacks. Dr. Peters also encouraged me. I immediately started training for the LA Marathon which was 7 months away. I started with jogging a couple miles and then added a couple every week. Eventually, I got up to 20 miles!!!!! Everyone at Martin Chiropractic was already cheering me on. I always received so much encouragement when I would go to the office. I completed the LA Marathon on March 18, 2018!!! It was an amazing moment. I realized when I crossed the finish line how impossible this was for me just one year ago. Additionally, I barely have pain anymore. I still have a bit to go in my Chiropractic therapy, but I have hope that I will eventually be pain free! I want to add that I hated running before, but since I've started trading for the Marathon, I've fallen in love with running. Honestly, it was just something I wanted to do, and now it is a passion for me! I highly recommend this office because they will encourage you every step (see what I did there ) of the way! Thank you Meghan, Dr. Siino, Dr. Peters, and Dr. Martin!

Veronica W.
Concord, California
Lorenzo's 5-star review on google for auto accident injury

I've never been to chiro before my accident and I do not regret 1 visit with Dr. Steph my posture is way better and I'm almost at pre accident and Bethany is amazing always a wonderful greeting when I come in or call she's very attentive to all the patients that come in I honestly don't know how she does it. She's great at her job thanks martin family chiropractic.

Lorenzo R.
Pleasant Hill, California
Renee's 5-star review for auto accident injury

I received Chiropractic care sporadically. Just the number of visits my health insurance would pay for or that my auto insurance said were "reasonable" after my accidents. I received patch-care but I still suffered from a number of symptoms and my body was NOT functioning at its highest potential.*

Weekly, Debilitating Migraines... When I felt the onset of a migraine, I would prepare snacks, toys, and movies for my two and four-year-old. I would lock the door to our apartment, close the curtains, put in ear plugs, take a combination of pain pills, and stay in bed for hours.

My children knew that when I had a headache they had to leave me alone... They were essentially fending for themselves. That is NO life for children... but it was normal for mine, at least once a week. 

After several months of Corrective Care, I have noticed the frequency and intensity of my migraines are steadily decreasing. I am going to be a Wellness patient for life because I never want pain to deprive my family of time together... The time I used to spend suffering, I now spend playing with my kids.*

Before and after Corrective Care at Martin Family Chiropractic...


  • Rotary Scoliosis
  • Reversed Neck Curve
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Daily Headaches
  • Almost Non-existent Aches and Pains
  • Restored Neck Curve (Finally, recovered from car accidents!)
  • 28 Day Cycle with Lighter, More Comfortable Periods
  • Decreased Frequency/ Intensity (No more pain pills!)
Tricia's 5-star review for auto accident injury

Chiropractic care saved my life! I had a car accident in 1993 where I was stopped and got rear-ended by a car traveling 65 miles per hour! I went a chiropractor who found more features than the ER did. I was told I had the spine of a 70 year old. Apparently, the body is not age specific. After the surgeons fixed my shoulder and did muscle repair I continue with 5 years of physical therapy and chiropractic care with only Sundays off. Soft tissue and deep tissue massage and light weights were also part of my day to day life. After I moved to Pleasant Hill from San Antonio, I happened across Martin Family Chiropractic while driving through the area. I like to ride my bike and roller skate, enjoy many sports and love playing with my dog, so I knew I needed a great chiropractor in the area. After meeting the doctors at Martin Family Chiropractic, I feel a gazillion times better! It is nice to be able to walk instead of crawl to the bathroom. Webster's Dictionary hasn't invented a word to even come close to describe the care I have gotten here. I have gone from horrible pain to feeling 99% better in just under a year!

Tricia D.
Michelle's 5-star review for auto accident injury

I am a 31-year-old mom of two and a passionate behavioral therapist to young children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. In 2001, I was involved in a five-car accident. My car was totaled. As a result of that accident I experienced severe neck, back, and knee pain which prevented me from being active like I used to. Physical therapy and steroid injections gave me little relief. One of my clients recommended Martin Family Chiropractic. My x-rays proved I needed serious correction, so Dr. Kern started my treatment. During the middle of my Corrective Care, I was in yet another car accident which further aggravated my injury. I immediately went to see Dr. Kern who re-evaluated my condition and Corrective Care plan. Afterwards, I knew I had to maintain my correction with Wellness Care.* Two years later, my pain was diminished significantly, my seasonal allergy symptoms have been reduced, and my chronic sinus infections have been significantly reduced. My 2-year-old daughter has been checked since she was 6 months old. We recently welcomed our second child who was lucky enough to be checked and adjusted at 20 hours old! I also have my 8-year-old niece under Wellness Care.* I am thankful to Chiropractic for my restored health and for the healthy start it has given my children and my niece. It warms my heart that my kids are filled with excitement to come into the office and get checked! Renee always has a smile on her face and is so welcoming and helpful! Thank you, Dr. Kern and Martin Family Chiropractic for helping me be the best mom, wife, and therapist possible!*

Shelly's 5-star review on yelp

Martin Family Chiropractic has quite literally saved my life. After a major car accident and going through intense chemotherapy for a cancer that nearly killed me; I was devastated and in tears and constant debilitating pain. I was having breakdowns frequently. They truly care and created a plan for me and they have given me back my life and health. I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone. They are truly a family and care deeply and go above and beyond!

Shelly S.
Concord, California

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