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Lo's 5-star review on yelp for Chiropractic Adjustment

After being rear ended earlier this year, I sought chiropractic care for the first time. At the suggestion of family who have been patients here for years, I hesitantly came in for an introduction. I'm a couple months in and have seen improvement in my life regarding the pain from the accident as well as previous issues. And seeing the immediate relief from WFH pain? Has been AMAZING in this new pandemic era!! So thankful to the Team at Martin Chiropractic!! Always friendly, super clean and great at explaining what all is going on!!

Lo C.
Concord, California
Amy's 5-star review on yelp for Chiropractic Adjustment

This is my second year consistently going to Martin Family Chiropractic once a week, and it has made an incredible difference in my life. I started coming here due to very intense and constant upper back pain that would shoot down my right arm due to the postures I have to be in as a tattoo artist, and after I started seeing the doctors here I have seen a vast improvement in mental and physical health. I am currently being seen by Dr. Siino and he takes a lot of time to inform me of information if I have any questions or specific aches that I need advice with. Since I have continuously been doing maintenance every week with adjustments, I feel able to carry out day to day activities and has allowed me to continue my passions. Every time I walk through the doors I feel so welcomed thanks to all of the receptionists who are running the office (Megan, Lauren, Bethany, & Sara) - they are all super friendly and I always feel comfortable being here. I always feel like my needs are being heard here. Thank you to all of the wonderful people here at Martin Family Chiropractic for making a space for healing!

Amy P.
Concord, California
Justin's 5-star review on google for Chiropractic Adjustment

Professional, knowledgeable, and competent are all traits you would want and expect from a good doctor. Dr. Stephanie Martin has these qualities but the reason for the 5 stars is that in addition she has been compassionate, understanding, empathetic, and honest. There is a genuine care and concern that starts from the minute you walk through the front door and receive a warm greeting from Bethany throughout the adjustments and the treatment. All of the staff have exceeded my expectations. My only regret is that I didn’t seek treatment sooner. Don’t make the same mistake I did... Sincere thanks to all of the staff at Martin Family Chiropractic. I haven’t felt this good in years!

Justin M.
Pleasant Hill, California
Renee's 5-star review on google for Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Stephanie found ways to help me that my medical doctor never suggested. She didn't just adjust me... she made other recommendations that have helped my health so much! The office is beautiful and I never feel rushed when I'm there.

Renee K.
Pleasant Hill, California
Layla and Gibson's 5-star review on google for Chiropractic Adjustment

We didn't like sneezing, we didn't like coughing, we didn't like ear infections. We really didn't like taking our allergy medication everyday and our antibiotics every month! Dr. Karen said that chiropractic could change all of that! We started getting adjusted at Martin Family Chiropractic and didn't need to keep taking our medicine! Our house has been allergy-free and infection-free for a month! We are even sleeping better!* Our family said no to drugs... and yes to chiropractic.

Layla & Gibson
Matthew's 5-star review on google

Such a wonderful experience. I went in when I was in a lot of pain with almost zero mobility and in a time crunch. I called up and they got me in the same day and did xrays and a small adjustment. That night I felt better and was even able to sleep. They scheduled me for the next 3 mornings. I had adjustments each day and they went over my X-rays. By the last night I had full mobility and was able to dance at a wedding. They were so professional, happy, and knowledgeable. They explained everything they were doing before they did an adjustment. They were very gentle and precise when making adjustments. It was easy to see that they cared for me as a person and enjoyed their profession. I highly recommend them. I worked with Dr. McCarty, but everyone there seemed great!

Matthew C.
Pleasant Hill, California
Lauren's 5-star review on google

Dr. Stephanie is such an amazing doctor...she is so caring and gentle with her adjustments. I can feel that she truly cares about me and my health. I feel amazing every time I go in! Great staff and great environment!!

Lauren D.
Pleasant Hill, California
Erin's 5-star review on google

Great office with a wonderfully trained staff! Dr. Steph has an amazing knowledge base from being an RN and is an awesome adjuster.

Erin D.
Pleasant Hill, California
Patricia's 5-star review on yelp

Remember when doctors knew your name and ailments without having to check a laptop, PDA, iPhone, interviewing you every damned time you go there, or even reading through a plethora of paper files? Remember when doctors were real people? Neither do I. I'm too young; however, everyone in Dr. Martin's office is mah-velous. They don't rush me us in and out, and they don't tell me to make an appointment for 3 weeks from the time I actually need to be seen. Newfangled electronic things? Oh no no! He does not hook me up to crazy machinery; Dr. Martin adjusts me old school style, with pure brute manpower, rawr!!! Martin Chiropractic rocks my socks around the block like Dr. Spock, yo.

Pleasant Hill, California
Daniel's 5-star review on yelp

Dr Martin and staff are wonderful. Everyone in the office is so nice and welcoming. The desk staff, especially Lauren, are very sweet and always accommodating no matter the issue. The treatment is top notch and I always feel more than comfortable during adjustments. A wonderful experience all around!

Daniel B.
Pleasant Hill, California
Tom's 5-star review on google

I have seen many chiropractors in my life. Dr Martin is by far the best I have met. This is not lip service, she is the best. Her diagnostic skills are exemplary , her explanations are easy to follow and her adjustments are spot on.

Tom W.
Pleasant Hill, California

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