Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

Shoulder issues can range from being annoying to debilitating. Most people don’t give it much thought until they start to feel severe pain in their shoulder. A common issue called “frozen shoulder.” causes pain, stiffness, and other issues with movement around the shoulder joint.

Patient experiencing frozen shoulder and in need of a chiropractor

What Can Cause Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a disorder that starts when the connective tissue around the shoulder joint starts to harden. As this occurs, the natural movement of the shoulder is adversely affected. Often, there is no past traumatic event, and the symptoms appear seemingly out of nowhere. There are commonly three stages to this condition:

  • Freezing stage: Movement of the shoulders are painful, irritated, and range of motion becomes limited
  • Frozen stage: Pain either decreases or is entirely gone, though the range of motion becomes worse
  • Thawing stage: Improvement in the range of motion

The exact course of progression is unique to the individual. It can heal on its own, but for many, that can take years. And because the range of motion is so limited, daily activities can start to be nearly impossible to complete. If you find yourself at this point, we advise that you get treatment as soon as possible.

How Can Chiropractors Help Frozen Shoulder?

Chiropractic care focuses on the cervical and upper thoracic spine range of motion, including how our necks and upper backs affect the shoulder’s function. Also, the part of the nervous system that communicates with the shoulder exits the lower part of the cervical spine.

Increasing the spinal joint motion and enhancing nervous system communication can be enough to start the healing process. It is possible to manipulate the actual shoulder joint. It is also common for different joints to be restricted from movement, which affects the health of the shoulder. Joint manipulation intends to help restore proper joint motion, position, and function. It is crucial to keep the shoulder joint moving as much as possible, even when it is uncomfortable

Chiropractors can suggest simple exercises of a range of motion that can be done at home with little equipment to increase the shoulder range of motion gently. Our chiropractor can also help recommend stretches for surrounding musculature that can help you improve your flexibility.

Additionally, our chiropractor can also recommend a specific supplement that offers nutrient support for the health of the joints. For example, a commonly used joint supplement is called collagen protein. This usually come from the bone marrow of chicken, beef, or lamb and is excellent for supporting joint health.

Frozen shoulder can be unbearable at times, but you don’t have to live with it. Chiropractic care at Martin Family Chiropractic Centers can assist you in your recovery. So, If you have been dealing with frozen shoulder or unexplained shoulder pain, call us at (925) 681-0801!

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