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Al's 5-star review on google for back pain

Dr. Martin has been able to reduce my back pain tremendously and put me on a path of better physical health. Feel free to contact the office if you’d like to talk about his work and my experience.

Al A.
Concord, California
Sharon's 5-star review on google for back pain

I was referred to Dr. Martin by a trusted friend, but I had never had any chiropractic work done. Over the years, my body's reaction to unresolved childhood trauma led to an emotional sense of never feeling safe in any environment, which manifested as misalignment at my lower back, behind the heart and severe neck issues. It would be like having PTSD since you were at most 5 years old -- I'm now 66. After barely a month of adjustments, the newfound peace I now have in my body is absolutely phenomenal. Practically for the first time in my life, I'm feeling safer and so much more at ease in the world -- this is positively affecting my relationships with beloveds, to say the least. With profound thanks to Dr. Martin, for the first time in my life, I am now creating a new foundation to allow Life to support me in ways that would have been impossible over a month ago. Possibilities for greater joy and increased trustworthy relationships are now mine and I'm looking forward to all that may now be created in my life, going forward!

Sharon W.
Concord, California
Victoria's 5-star review on google for back pain

Amazing people with amazing care. Within the first weeks of treatment I already feel better than I've felt in months. Dr. Kern educates very well about the treatment process.

Victoria M.
Brentwood, California
Brentwood's 5-star review on google for back pain

My daughter and I have been coming to Dr Kern for a few years. Awesome staff, great Doctor! I recommend them all the time. Made my back lots better- still working, so it's a work in progress- and I noticed I really haven't been sick in a couple years...

Karen M.
Brentwood, California
Rickie's 5-star review on google for back pain

If you're looking for a chiropractor with friendly staff and professional care, this is the place for you. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I’m not one to go to the doctor unless it’s completely necessary. But after not being able to walk, stand, or sleep for over 3 weeks without pain, I decided it was time. As me and my wife searched for a chiropractor we noticed the highly recommend Martin Family Chiropractic Center. I’m a roofing contractor with a bad lower back and within just a few visits I was back to work with little to no pain. On my first visit x-rays were done to see exactly what condition my spine was in. I’m no doctor but I could see how bad it really was. After 6 months of adjustments they did a new x-ray and I couldn’t believe how much straighter my vertebrae had become. I continue to go to them on a regular basis to keep my back in the best shape possible, and I highly recommend anyone experiencing back pain to give them a try.

Rickie C.
Brentwood, California
Ashley's 5-star review on google for back pain

I came to see Dr. Kern 4 months ago when I had excruciating lower back pain. I couldn't even bend over. I went in for my consultation and x-rays, and we came up with a treatment plan. I was a little nervous having a new chiropractor but I soon felt at ease. Kristin is always extremely helpful and sweet. And great to talk to if you have to wait a minute or two. Anytime I need to call because I'm running late, or need to get in a little earlier in the day, she helps gets me in. They have classes available to teach you proper stretching and tools that will benefit your adjustments. Renee, who is Dr. Kern's wife, demonstrated the stretches during the class I took and it was extremely beneficial. This staff is awesome! Now on to Dr. Kern... I honestly don't know what kind of state my back would be in if I hadn't started seeing Dr. Kern. Not being able to bend over was rough. And then finding out that my spine was curving to one side and my discs were being compressed. It was tough realizing that I was damaging my body without even knowing it. But Dr. Kern had a plan, and as long as I showed up to all of my appointments and did the stretches and exercises then he was confident that I could recover. And he was right! Gradually the pain and inflammation decreased. I am now pain free, have increased flexibility, I can bend and move at ease, and I feel like I even walk and stand differently!! I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this chiropractic office. I trusted my gut and I am so glad! The most genuinely caring and talented chiropractor I've ever seen! If you are in search of an incredible Chiropractor, look no further. You won't be disappointed.

Ashley S.
Brentwood, California
Healing Coffee and Tea's 5-star review on google for back pain

Dr. Kern is a wonderful back popper, him and Dr. Martin are a dynamic duo and I don''t think anyone can pop backs as good as them. My spine and myself thank you.

Healing Coffee and Tea
Brentwood, California
Scott's 5-star review on yelp for back pain

My wife began receiving care from Martin Family Chiropractic almost 4 years ago at the recommendation of a friend. She had been struggling with lower back pain discomfort for quite some time. We even bought a tempered bed to help her with her discomfort. We also went to a massage therapist. These changes helped alleviate symptoms but inevitably the pain would return and at times be crippling. So, enter Martin Family Chiropractic... My wife began receiving care and treatment after a thorough evaluation, and she began to see relief fairly soon. Shortly thereafter, my wife, my daughter and I were in a car accident and we all began receiving care for the trauma our bodies experienced in the accident. Martin Chiropractic's staff worked seamlessly with our insurance company following the car accident. After receiving such great care, we signed up our other 3 sons to get checked out and see if there was any need for corrective care. There was and they did. We remain patients to this day with this great group of people receiving regular 'tune ups'. This is where I personally have seen the greatest benefit. The staff is great. The doctors, both Dr. Siino and Dr. Martin, listen to our concerns and cares and treat us accordingly. They treat us like family and we think of them like family too. Grateful for their care and concern!

Scott S.
Concord, California
Felicia's 5-star review on google for back pain

Martin Family Chiropractic is amazing in so many ways. Not only have they helped me through back pain through chiropractic care but they also care about me as a person! Dr. Kern is always asking me about my life and always takes the time to listen about any concerns or celebrations I may have. Renee at the front desk is always welcoming, smiling and genuinely happy to see me when I walk through the door! This is more than just a doctor's office to me and so many others!

Felicia G.
Brentwood, California
Betty's 5-star review on google for back pain

I have to give Dr. Kern and his staff 5 stars for being the best chiropractic, client-oriented, caring, and family-friendly office in the neighborhood. Dr. Kern has a wonderful approach to chiropractic care and he has educated me and my family on good spine health. We have been patients for more than a year and continue to see great results after every visit. Renee and all the ladies at the front desk are incredibly welcoming and always ready to help.

Betty B.
Brentwood, California
Kevin's 5-star review on facebook for back pain

Dr. Kern and his staff are the most friendly and professional chiropractic office I've been to. With a history of bulged disc in my lower back, Dr. Kern has been able to re-align my spine to be pain free and design a regular regime to keep me from having flare ups. Highly recommend to anyone with back ailments. Martin Family Chiropractic helped me avoid surgery and gave me my life back.

Kevin N.
Brentwood, California
Jen's 5-star review on yelp for back pain

After going full-term with twins 3 years ago, and then raising said twins, my back and neck were in need of a little TLC. I went to Martin Family Chiropractic 2 & 1/2 years ago and they did a set of x-rays to see what was going on. My neck was literally curving exactly the opposite direction that it's supposed to and I had several other points on my spine in need of realignment. I was a mess! Dr. Martin advised it would take about 3 months of visits to get me back on track. I started going and by my 2nd visit, my headaches (that I had been having nearly daily for over 6 months) were gone. Soon all the aches and pains that I had disappeared too, and I was realized how limited my physical abilities HAD been. Picking up my twin girls was easier, I slept better at night and generally had more energy. Then I went in for my 3 month x-rays and lo-and-behold, my neck had straightened back out! AMAZING! The proof is in the pudding my friends. The staff there is amazing - as another Yelper said, it's so nice that they REALLY know you. They don't look you up 5 minutes before you come in and pretend to know your name. They even know my girls and have adjusted them! One of my daughters was born with her legs bent inwards and had a tough time learning to walk due to this. I started bringing her when she was 1 and within weeks of having her adjusted, we really saw an improvement in her legs. I'm not trying to say Martin (or any other!) Chiropractic performs miracles. But for me and my family, they've certainly lived up to their commitment to make us healthier. They did what "traditional" doctors were not able to, and they did it with integrity.

Jen H.
Concord, California

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