Back Pain Testimonials

Nadine's 5-star review on google for back pain

Dr. Siino and everyone at Martin Family Chiropractor are the best. They fit me into their schedule as a new client and I've never had a bad experience since! That was almost 3 years ago now. They always work me into the schedule if I'm having an issue with my neck or back. Everyone at Martin Family Chiropractor is very friendly and will do everything they can to help their patients. I recommend them wholeheartedly and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Nadine M.
Concord, California
Bob's 5-star review on facebook for back pain

I've suffered for most of my life with awful back, neck, shoulder pain. Came to Martin Family Chiropractic and now finally that's starting to change and I'm getting some relief. I brought my daughter here years ago and saw chiropractic change her life. I finally decided I was done suffering. Dr. Martin and Dr. Siino are great. You can tell that they truly care about their patients and are concerned about getting them back to health. The whole staff is always helpful and welcoming. Coming to Martin Chiropractic was the best decision I've ever made.

Bob M.
Concord, California
Greg's 5-star review on google for back pain

This place is awesome. - 10 stars. After living with scoliosis and chronic upper back pain most of my life - tired of covering up the symptoms with meds, I decided to give Dr. Martin a try. He and his wonderful staff provided a super positive environment, with Dr Martin implementing a state of the art healing plan for me. Finally I’ve found relief! and it’s not just from pain, I’m so much more relaxed and calm - you will be too!

Greg P.
Concord, California
Gig's 5-star review on yelp for back pain

My family has been going here for the last 3 years. WE love it and will keep coming. Dr. Sino and Dr. Martin has made great results with our care.  Our son who has been coming to this office since he was 8 years old and no longer has Scoliosis. You can see the before treatment care and after treatment. Thank God we have amazing results with them. Megan in the counter is so nice and helpful. The entire staff is very nice and we are glad we found them.

Gigs S.
Concord, California
Erica's 5-star review on yelp for back pain

I have had chronic neck and back pain for over 10 years. I had a mild back injury in my younger days that never truly got fixed. My mother had been going to Martin Family Chiropractic in Concord for a few months and had some amazing results, so I thought I should go in and see if they could help me too. The consultation was quick, thorough and very informative. I was presented with a plan that would allow for regular adjustments to get my neck and back realigned and improve my overall health. Everyone at the Concord office is amazing. I have never felt more welcome or at ease in a medical setting. I have only had a handful of adjustments so far, but I can already feel the difference. I am feeling better, sleeping better, and looking forward to getting my body to work with and for me, instead of against me. Even in the wake of COVID-19 the team is still focused on helping people and I can't thank them enough for that. Thank you to everyone at the office. I appreciate you.

Erica L.
Concord, California
Amy's 5-star review on facebook for back pain

This is my second year consistently going to Martin Family Chiropractic once a week, and it has made an incredible difference in my life. I started coming here due to very intense and constant upper back pain that would shoot down my right arm due to the postures I have to be in as a tattoo artist, and after I started seeing the doctors here I have seen a vast improvement in mental and physical health. I am currently being seen by Dr. Siino and he takes a lot of time to inform me of information if I have any questions or specific aches that I need advice with. Since I have continuously been doing maintenance every week with adjustments, I feel able to carry out day to day activities and has allowed me to continue my passions. Every time I walk through the doors I feel so welcomed thanks to all of the receptionists who are running the office (Megan, Lauren, Bethany, & Sara) - they are all super friendly and I always feel comfortable being here. I always feel like my needs are being heard here. Thank you to all of the wonderful people here at Martin Family Chiropractic for making a space for healing!

Amy P.
Brentwood, California
Chantel's 5-star review on google for back pain

Martin Family Chiropractic saved my life. It my early 30s I thought I was already destined for a life of back pain. After 6 months of intensive treatment, I was able to exercise, work and mother again without daily pain. Ongoing weekly adjustments have significantly decreased flares so I can live a busy healthy life. Doctor Martin not only provides exceptional clinical care but is thoughtful, kind and tailors to each patient’s individual needs. His staff are genuinely kind and positive people that I look forward to seeing each week. Now my two children and husband are adjusted each week and I send many of my patients to him for his expertise and excellent care.

Chantel M.
Concord, California
Daniel's 5-star review on google for back pain

I went in for a consultation, because I have scoliosis, and had an X-ray exam to see how badly misshapen my spine is. The doctors and people there were really nice, so it's definitely a welcoming environment. After the results came back, it was very informative to see the X-rays and hear what the doctor said and what advice he gave in terms of the kind of care I needed. Although I haven't started care yet, because I am away at school, I'm thinking I will in the future.

Daniel D.
Concord, California
Doug's 5-star review for back pain

In mid-February 2015 I began my chiropractic care treatments to address long-standing neck and lower back pain. During the past 3 months, I have received outstanding care and treatments from Martin Family Chiropractic Center. Their professional, warm, caring and high-quality service is greatly appreciated. As a result of the outstanding care and treatments that I have received during the past 3 months, I am feeling much better and on the road to recovery. My high level of pain and discomfort in both my neck and lower back area is gone. I believe this reduction of pain and relief I am experiencing is a direct result of the outstanding treatment and care I have and continue to receive from Martin Family Chiropractic. Although I was initially skeptical about the benefits of chiropractic treatment when I started in mid-February, I am now a true believer and advocate for this type of health care. Finally, I highly recommend Martin Chiropractic to all others that are seeking chiropractic care treatment by an outstanding D.C.

Doug G.
Keith's 5-star review on facebook for back pain

The main reason I am doing the Martin Family Chiropractic is from a bad injury when my spine slipped right out of place. Painful!!! After about 2 weeks of pain, I went in search of a chiropractor and found the Martin Chiropractic Center and have been going ever since. Before I found the place, I would wake up each morning with tears and would have to sleep on my back all night and every night. So when my first appointment came, I was scared to death because I felt I would feel I'd get so much pain that I would die.* It turned out great and I don't want to stop coming. I wish there was one of these great places in every town square in the universe.

Haley's 5-star review on google for back pain

I have been going to Martin Family Chiropractic Center for 13 years. I found out I had scoliosis when I was 12 and chiropractic care has been a huge part of keeping me pain free and mobile. I can’t go through the week without my weekly adjustment!

Haley U.
Concord, California
Jake's 5-star review on facebook for back pain

I have been going to many different chiropractors since I injured by back at 18 years old, now 41. I have never had such a good experience as I have with Martin Chiropractic! In the past when my back would go out it was several days of bed rest then about a week + of "taking it easy", well since I started going here I am back to work within a couple of days and not having to "take it easy"!! I love how they give you a plan for recovery and even show you the progress along the way! I would recommend this team to anyone and everyone!

Jake P.
Concord, California

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